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These treatments are individualized, based on skin care and ph type and involves use of natural herbs fruits and marine extracts. So enter the world of glam point and discover a new YOU

Personal Point's Skin & Beauty Care segment. In order to provide a one-stop-fitness & beauty care solution, Personal Point, ventured into Skin & Beauty care. Branded as Glampoint-this segment offers a range of world class skin & beauty care treatments

Looking great is not occasional"



It includes all types of skin & beauty care , Body and Hair care therapies and treatments for the whole body therapy {head to toe}. These treatments are regular as well advanced and specialized ones too. Equipments range from Ultrasonic, Galvanic, Derm-abrasion, face lifting and contouring to LASERS and Radio Frequency besides the smaller gadgets. Cosmetics used are Indian herbal and most international cosmetic lines. All the services are given under medical supervision and are tailor made. These have been designed after years of research.


Cosmetology FAQ:

  1. What are the must-dos for maintaining a healthy, good-looking face?
    You need to first identify your skin type, and accordingly apply the necessary serums, nourishing creams, etc.

    For older women anti-aging packs can be recommended as that includes penetration of nourishment using ultras sonic therapy and later applying anti aging pack. There are no side effects.

    For teenagers, generally a monthly face cleansing is sufficient, but if other problems like acne etc exist, then it can be treated differently.

  1. How would u treat my acne problem at your centre?
    For acne treatment, the severity 1st needs to be examined. Whether they are just boils or have puss or are dried acne. Accordingly a customized acne treatment procedure is followed.

  1. How should i take care of my hair after any chemicals are used on it?
    Chemical treatments like re-bonding, coloring, streaking require you to maintain your hair. For that you need to take extra care in providing it sufficient nutrition by oiling it weekly, going for hair spas, and deep conditioning. Using shampoos for colored hair is important.  For Treatments like re-bonding, an extra- nourishment shampoo is required.
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Individualized treatments, based on skin and ph type.
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