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Extensively researched, meticulously formulated & professionally executed, Personal Point’s weight management programme is like a Bible for the entire fitness industry of India. And all it takes is 2 hours a week

Personal Point's weight loss programmes are based on the guidelines of WHO, i.e. up to 4 kgs weight loss per month. Personal Point’s proven "Nega Energy Fat loss therapy", is an in-depth, comprehensive and effective method of shedding the excess fat. It duplicates the way the body does it through exercise, cutting down the body-fat, not just water.



It includes Fat reduction therapies, Figure corrective therapies, weight gain therapies, Muscle toning therapies,. It also includes nutritional counseling for all medical ailments, family health and weight maintenance programmes. Body therapies are given on Indian as well as imported equipments, especially designed to give passive, body exercises.

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Fitness FAQ

  1. Will I lose weight by the end of your programme? And, are there any side effects?
    Yes, you will, if you follow as you are directed. And, the only side effect is that you will lose weight quickly. Nothing else!

  1. Will I ever gain weight back, after finishing the programme?
    Yes you will, if u have not followed what is prescribed to you, after you’ve achieved your target weight.

  1. Can I lose weight if I am 50 years and above with Diabetes and Hypertension?
    Yes, you can for sure, under our medical supervision, and in consultation with your regular doctor. You need to be regular with your medicines and follow whatever regime has been directed to you.

  1. I am a Patient of Hypothyroidism, and middle aged. Can I lose weight?
    Yes you can. As long as you are taking medicines regularly, and are under your doctor’s guidance.

  1. I want to lose from my hips and thighs only.
    You would be given treatment on your local (specific) areas, you will have weight loss and inch loss from that area specifically, and other areas as well, so that your body comes in a perfect shape.

  1. Can I do active exercises like Yoga, along with your weight-loss program?
    Yes, you can continue with your any kind of exercises along with our programme. If you are 15-20 kgs more than your normal weight, then your exercises need to be monitored by a trained physical instructor to ensure there are no injuries to your body.

  1. How do I get rid of loose skin after weight loss?
    You need to strengthen the muscles underlying the loose skin. This happens only by weight training or by regular muscle stretching. External hand massages would be of little help. But electronic muscle massagers could be opted instead.
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Extensively researched, meticulously formulated & professionally executed.
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