About us

The brand, Personal Point, was founded and jointly promoted by (Late) Dr. SuneelKaul, and, Dr. (Mrs.)ShobhaKaul, both graduates on medical schools.

In the course of their medical studies, they felt the need to lay more emphasis on propagating preventive health care over curative health care. This brought them to identify obesity as the central factor to all the prevalent diseases back then, arising out of growing urbanization.

Bringing this thought forward, they pioneered the concept of "Weight Management centres" in India and set up a system of having Tailor Made programs and personalized counseling sessions for all clients.

They wanted to help every individual make a deliberate and conscious effort to remain fit and healthy, for which an expert's guidance was necessary. Hence the Brand came up with its Tagline: "If you could do it on your own, You would have done it by now!"

Over the years, 'Personal Point' has had exposure to the low calorie food industry, having introduced their own line of "Healthee Choice" and 'Slimmers choice' foods. It later introduced its Beauty Segment, "GlamPoint", in the year 2000 to make healthy living, holistic. Having mothered this industry, the brand 'Personal Point', today stands for its experience, technical and realistic know-how, a satisfied clientele since the 90's, pan-India exposure, and a solid foothold on Indian ground.