Centre Program

Weight Management at Personal Point started with well researched Centre programs that have proved to be highly effective in the last 30 years.

The personal interactions and the tailor made therapies are rendered by our well trained team of Counselors, health coaches and therapists.

The resultant effect is not only your overall weight loss, significant inch loss, body shaping but visible Health gain as well.

Program Features

Health Status Analysis

To analyze your current state of Body and Mind done under direct supervision of a Health counselor/ Doctor.

Root cause Analysis

To assess your past history of any illness and reasons behind your being unhealthy, over-weight or obese.

Measurements and Target setting

Under direct supervision of a Nutritionist and trained program therapist, all records are redone at regular intervals to assess your overall progress on the program

Personalized Counseling

Our structured counseling procedure forms the backbone of all our programs. Health Counselors are specially trained to identify your daily needs and modifications required are suggested through a tailor made path to attain targeted goals. Right education at right time is given with adequate follow ups and maintenance plans.

Tailor made Passive Therapy sessions

These are Basic and advanced procedures including various therapies like VACUUME, EME, TORC, RF, LIPO, CRYO and many more which are meant to target localized areas for Fatloss, Inchloss, Body Contouring, Figure Correction, Fat Mobilization and toning of localized muscles etc.

Manual Therapy sessions

These procedures are needed to decongest the body of all the Toxins that get accumulated every day while the body and Mind are being brought to normalcy. These also improve one’s blood circulation and keep the skin soft supple and hydrated.

Diet & Activity planning for lifestyle modification

Nutritionists specially trained in the Nega-Cal system of Personal Point, personally advise our members and follow them up throughout the program with many tools in hand.

Review and Reinforcement of recommendations by counselors

The most important aspect of our program, unique to our set up only, is highly effective in keeping the morale of our members high. Our system decreases the chances of multiple deviations occurring every day that are very common in present / current way of our living.

Maintenance plans for sustainability of results

Some highly effective tools are applied to help the member stabilize their achievements and learn to maintain the results for longer durations thereafter.

Program Details

Classification Basic Weight Loss Advanced Weight loss Integrated Weight Management
Contents Counseling
Passive Therapy
Home plans
Passive Therapy
Manual Therapy
Home plans
Passive Therapy
Manual Therapy
Active Therapy
Home plans
Duration minimum 2 months 3 months 3 months
Charges 7080/-

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Tailor made program*

*Tailor made programs are designed by our advisor on your visit to our centre, keeping in mind your special medical / body needs, time availability and targets to achieve.
Avail a Free trial session, by selecting “Trial Session” in the services dropdown menu while booking your appointment.