Health is a dynamic expression of life- in terms of our enthusiasm, love and joy. It is not just the absence of disease.
Our health is our responsibility. To live a healthy life, it is important to follow a healthy lifestyle.
The art and science of Yoga that has been a part of our ancient Indian culture is the best lifestyle that one can adopt.
Yoga places great importance on holistic living. The main components of Yogic Lifestyle are:
Achara - Healthy activities
Vichara - Healthy thoughts
Ahara - Healthy food
Vihara - Healthy recreation
Vyavahara - Healthy relationships

Following these along with other principles of Yoga, one can prevent diseases that are yet to come (" Heyam Dukkham Anagatam " - Patanjali Yoga Sutra).
It also helps manage most diseases that have already manifested and is especially effective in those of psychosomatic origin.
Yoga identifies that the mind ( Adhi ) influences the body to create disease ( Vyadhi ) . Thus, Psycho-somatic diseases need somato-psychic management

For management of obesity- a lifestyle disorder of psychosomatic origin, and its allied diseases, the applicatory aspect of Yoga i.e. Yoga Therapy is of great use.
Apart from the lifestyle modification, Yoga techniques are designed to burn up the excess calories and redistribute body fat in a healthy manner.
It also helps correct the numerous psychological conditions that may be causing the excessive weight gain such as stress, depression.

Yoga is generally safe, simple to learn and can be practiced by even ill, elderly or disabled individuals. Yoga is for all!

The Personal Point process of weight management incorporates this Yogic approach to handle this epidemic and chronic disease of obesity.

for individual


  • Train into the w-holistic way of living.
  • Preventive, promotive and rehabilitative practices for health, healing & longevity.
  • Manage most modern diseases.


  • Rs.500 per session, 12 sessions per month.


  • Yoga can be done by all: Old, young, healthy, diseased, terminally ill or perfectly fit individuals.
  • Yoga modules are customized based on individual capacity.
  • The aim is not to achieve the final bodily position as soon as possible but to enjoy the journey of being in Yoga (the state of union with yourself and the higher)

For Corporate


  • Overall health and wellbeing.
  • Enhance human competency and manifest humane possibility.
  • Overcome mundane, irregular and stressful routines.
  • Go home happy at the end of each day


  1. Lecture-cum-Seminar
  2. Workshop
  3. Regular group classes
  4. Individual classes, therapy and consultation


  • General wellbeing and Pain management
  • Stress management
  • Relationship Management (professional, personal, individual)
  • Weight management
  • Enhancing mental and balancing emotional functions
  • Specific medical disorders or diseases
  • Women Special: pregnancy & post-natal
  • Addressing special groups: Parents, Children, Spouses, etc.