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Body Therapy

Specialized therapeutic body therapies like Dead Sea Therapy, oil massaging, spa massages, Wax therapy and Ultrasonic body lifts and Diet consultancy and a lot more, are the offerings. Slimming body therapies:  Beauty: body polishing (like facial).


Body Therapy FAQ:

  1. Is it a full Body therapy?
    Except the Head, face and neck region, the whole of the body from shoulder down, till toes is covered in our total body therapy programme (TBT)

  1. What do you mean by “Body Therapy”?
    Body therapy is given for overall body contouring and overall body detoxification.

    Body Contouring means figure correction. It is the localized therapy to improve the lymphatic drainage (drainage of white blood); as well as intense local exercises.

    Body detoxification is done to remove all toxins from the body, by improving the body circulation and deeper penetration of anti-cellulite oil through infrared technology.

  1. How often do I have to come?
    One session is for 75-90 minutes and should be repeated ideally after every 10 days.

  1. What is salt scrubbing and its effect?
    A special mineral salt when rubbed on skin, it absorbs the extra cellular body fluids, helping remove the toxins thus resulting in weight loss.
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